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The Concept

Ankato ART IKA

Featuring 7 rooms and large terrace on the River Nile , SGL / DBL / TPL ) First Row on the Nile ( Category B Basic Nile View )


Anakato Center 

The One and Only Anakato , The First Anakato Nubian House . It features 4 rooms n three different levels overlooking the River Nile .  ( First Row on the Nile Category B ..Basic Nile View ) ..


Anakato Wadi Kiki

The Latest high-end Anakato Nubian House . it features 15 chalets . On an elevated platform with unmatched open view on The River Nile . Its serene and relaxing . First Row on the Nile ( Category A .. Superior Nile & Valley View ) .


Dhabya Nile Cruise

As well as treatments, you can indulge in the incomparable pleasure of a range of beauty sessions in one of many treatment rooms. Or luxuriate in our steam rooms, saunas, or Jacuzzi. Or, if working out is more your style, treat your body to a session at the Fitness Centre.

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